The core focus of our financial plans is sustainability, which is achieved by using the most efficient wealth creation and investment strategies.

The three pillars of our customised plans are:

Peace of Mind: Through diligent risk planning we ensure security for your family and other dependents.
Growth: Our wealth creation and investment strategies provide for short-term liquidity and optimise long-term growth.
Flexibility: Your plan will be adaptable, in order to meet your changing needs and circumstances.

“Research has shown that up to 90% of the average portfolio's return over time, can be attributed to having a strategy and adhering to it.”

Our 5 step process to wealth creation and preservation:

1. Planning: Devising a strategy and structuring financial portfolios according to the client's financial objectives.
2. Implementation: Assisting with all the practical aspects of implementing the plan.
3. Coaching: Providing peace of mind by offering support and guidance throughout the process.
4. Ongoing advice: Pertaining to all aspects of the client's financial portfolio.
5. Portfolio service: Ongoing portfolio assistance and administration.

Client focused values

Our team is passionate about building and maintaining relationships with our clients and exceeding expectations through superior levels of service. By gaining an in-depth understanding of clients' aspirations and circumstances, we are able to provide tailor-made strategies and plans. We believe in adding value with a win-win mentality, encompassing transparency and honesty and striving to always place our clients' best interests ahead of our own.

“Dave & the staff at DFB are far from 'policy pushing brokers', ...Dave will always place your best interests at heart when suggesting any financial products and has at times prevented us from taking extra policies, as he felt there was no need for them.” Paul Netto (Entrepreneur; Sydney, Australia)